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Fees and Rates

Hourly Billing

A standard billing rate varying from KD 85 – KD 195 per hour is adopted for engagements in Kuwait for the year 2013 for ICB's Services. Services are generally charged by the hour at a rate depending on the seniority of the attorney/s working on the matter. Travel will be billed at 50% of normal time or as agreed with the client in advance. Detailed statements will be provided upon the request of clients.


Annual Retainer Arrangement

The engagement may be on an annual retainer basis or on an hourly basis, depending on the arrangement that better suits the client in the particular matter and in accordance to the volume of work expected. ICB may also arrange a billing structure according to the task and work involved which would be agreed upon in advance in a formal written contract.

Note: The firm may consider a discount for its services in a major engagement and also flat billing rates on a prolonged relationship. In the case of redundant tasks, the firm will quote fixed fees for its clients. Disbursements will be billed as incurred with no premium attached.