As a leading law firm in the State of Kuwait, ICB houses a team of highly-trained and dedicated legal professionals who share a common goal of spearheading the legal practice locally and internationally. The firm strives to identify and nurture aspiring local talent, offering cutting-edge training programs that provide intensive practical training, chief amongst them the ICB Internship Program.

An ICB internship is not only a valuable educational experience; it is a one-of-a-kind, extensive professional training program. Aspiring legal counsels are presented with a challenging yet gratifying work experience, that helps establish a solid foundation for them to build a long-lasting and fruitful legal career on.

With ICB being a full service corporate commercial law firm, interns will be involved with multiple facets of the profession and will be given the opportunity to support the team when providing legal service in both Arabic and English. Interns are treated in the exact same manner as the firm’s team members, being subject to equally high expectations. The program might be demanding of its participants, but the end-result is immensely rewarding.