Mission and Values

Our Vision

At the International Counsel Bureau (ICB), our ultimate goal is to become the leading legal firm in the State of Kuwait, renowned for our high-caliber lawyers, and the delivery of unparalleled legal expertise.

We endeavor to work with elite clients across a range of industries and sectors which are vital for the growth and development of the country, and to work towards positively influencing the country’s legal framework.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cement a reputation for providing unique and highly specialized legal counsel, based on a creative approach, sophisticated analysis and innovative solutions.

Our primary aim is to understand our clients’ business needs and objectives, in order to offer them bespoke legal guidance necessary for them to achieve their goals.

We strive to be the leading experts on commercial law not only in Kuwait, but across the region as well. We are committed to using our superior expertise and industry knowledge to develop the state of the legal sector.

Our Values:
  • Integrity

    ICB believes that integrity is the cornerstone of the legal profession, prizing honesty as a fundamental quality that defines a good lawyer.

  • Reliability
    ICB strives to be a true partner to all clients, working closely with every one of them to offer trustworthy and reliable guidance to best reach their business objectives.
  • Expertise
    ICB’s unparalleled industry insight and knowledge lie at the heart of its success, the firm constantly strives to expand its expertise and remain abreast of all relevant developments and innovations.
  • Sophistication
    ICB is committed to offering clients superior legal counsel and advice derived from a sophisticated, analytical approach that focuses on developing innovative solutions and creative strategies.
  • Leadership
    ICB has always been devoted to spearheading the law profession in Kuwait, capitalizing on its strengths to help develop the state of the industry as well as foster the talents of aspiring legal professionals.
  • Professionalism
    ICB upholds tremendously high standards of professional conduct, with each member of the team offering the same minimum level of performance and conduct.